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About Us

The mission of Zaus is simple: to allow expression and start conversation through abstract art that carries a message. 

Zaus features exclusively the work of artist Preston Zeller. More specifically, the pieces featured on Zaus apparel are from a project titled, “The Art of Grieving”. 

The name is derived from shortening “Zellerhaus,” which is the name of the original main brand for Preston’s work - Zellerhaus Art. The name means “House of Zeller” in German.

Preston Zeller painting

The Story

As an artist of multiple disciplines, Preston returned to the canvas in 2018 to immerse himself in abstract painting after years of doing primarily digital work. 

In February of 2019, Preston’s older brother (by 4 years) died unexpectedly. With a family to provide for and normal job responsibilities, Preston didn’t take the time to grieve that should be called for, especially for a loss of this magnitude. 

That Fall, following an art show he had, Preston came to the realization that he had not actually been dealing with grief, but mostly putting it off. After sharing his story of loss through a series of paintings, he also came to the conclusion that by having open dialogue with others, it enabled them to share their own stories of grief. 

Preston and Colin

In September of 2019, Preston decided to embark on a year-long journey to paint every day for a year. This project was later dubbed “The Art of Grieving.” The artwork seen on the items available through Zaus are the result of that project.

After a minor setback that Winter due to a large family move, Preston got back to painting in January. December 2020 will mark the completion of the 365 day project, though that’s far from being the end of the journey.

In 2021, the project continues. Some of the major goals of this project are to:

  • Create a 10’ x 20’ mosaic out of all of the paintings
  • Film a documentary about grief and the grief recovery process
  • Build a platform for discussing grief openly and stir a cultural change around the topic
  • Establish a new definition for grief in a modern context and how to better understand the severity of it.

By purchasing through Zaus, you can now share the story behind the artwork you’re wearing or putting on your wall to open up the conversation around grief, recovery, and supporting one another through hard times.

In the future, we plan to partner with grief and art therapy organizations to donate a portion of the proceeds to developing these kinds of programs.



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